Often times things you worried about a year ago become only a distant memory in the present. It seems that even the biggest problems shrink and eliminate themselves over time. Right now I am in the middle of moving my apartment and my office into a new space. As I pack things up, I come across so many notes, knickknacks, souvenirs, diaries, articles, and other stuff that seemed to be important years ago, only to become nothing more than garbage today. Packing is bitter sweet.  But if before I wanted to save every little note to preserve a memory, now I am more worried about making room. How easy it turned out to be to throw away notes from college and ticket stubs from teenage years when you know there are bigger, better things waiting for you ahead. Yet, some things I can't seem to part with. The denim shirt I'm wearing in this photo has been in my wardrobe for almost twenty years (I brought it with me from the 'old country') So while some things went straight into the garbage bag, others were folded neatly to be kept for years to come. I guess it's good to make room for new stuff, but some stuff still stays with you for good. 

Twenty8Twelve cardigan (old)
Vintage denim shirt - similar herehere and here 
French Connection Skirt
Michael Kors Clutch - similar here
Donald J Pliner Shoes


Twenty8Twelve cardigan (old)
Vintage denim shirt - similar here, here and here 
French Connection Skirt
Michael Kors Clutch - similar here
Donald J Pliner Shoes

From time to time, I get this urge to buy a new handbag (when in reality what I need is to figure out where to store the ones I already have).  Usually it happens as I walk through a store, and this time the store was Coach. I wondered in there purposefully after I saw another blogger wearing an adorable Borough bag in her photos. As I walked through the chic store, I began to realize an obsession was in the process of forming. I really think Coach will grow into the next It- brand in the upcoming years, kind of like Michael Kors did. Check out some of my Coach favorite finds below and make sure to visit their site for even more bags and accessories!

I can be the most detail-oriented person in the world. Most of the times I need to have things just so. And if something falls out of place and doesn't go according to my plan, it can upset my whole day, driving not only me, but everyone around me crazy. 

Recently, I gave up smoking. And while it is probably the healthiest, most positive change in my life, at times it was difficult. The thing about smoking is that it's a constant, something you can rely on even when everything else goes hay-wire. And now... well, now I am on my own to deal with all sorts of stress my less-than-perfect life has to offer.
While at times I still feel like I need something to hold me up when things get overbearing, I learned that I am actually incredibly strong! More often than not, I can deal just fine with stress that used to get me overwhelmed just a few months ago, back when I still had a nicotine dependency. Turns out I don't need a crutch after all!

More than that, it turns out that by letting go of cigarettes, I felt less stressed to begin with. And yet, just three months ago, I couldn't imagine my life without them! This has been an incredibly valuable lesson in how strong I can be, and how unimportant some things in life really are. I now know there is nothing I can't do.

If you are constantly battling something in your life that seems to have you cornered, simply let go of it and imagine that it's not a problem anymore. You will be surprised how quickly it will stop being an issue and a solution will turn up. Believe you are strong and you can overcome anything life throws your way, because you really can! 


Asos Coatigan (what's a coatigan?)
Forever21 Jeans
Twenty8Twelve Nude Top (similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag
Schutz Pumps (sold out in nude but available in black)

Good things shouldn't go to waste! I just came across a pile of shopping photos from the last few month and rather than archiving them decided to put them up. Because gorgeous things don't get old over time - they go on sale! ;)

Looking for strappy sandals for the spring? Check out these styles by Fergie spotted in Macy's just a few weeks ago. Most items are under $100 and they are perfect to go with your cocktail dresses. The brand also features thing-high boots and gold-capped pumps, among other things. Click on any picture below to see where to buy them!

This year, there seems to be no end in sight for the winter season. We finally had two warm spring-like days in New York, but today the temperature dropped back down to below freezing. I personally have had it with this cold! I am beyond ready for some sandals and skirts, but that just doesn't seem to be the case.
And although I believe spring is going to come sometime soon (let's pray!!) since the weather is still chilly I decided to do one last post on the cold-weather gear. 
Every winter my office turns into a mini UGG warehouse. UGG Australia simply makes the most comfortable and warm footwear for the cold season. Let's face it, when it is freezing and miserable outside, nothing makes you happier than to have your feet wrapped in warm sheepskin. Some ladies even wear these comfy boots year round! 
Since the season is coming to an end, now is the best time to get your hands on some UGGs because a lot of styles go on sale. Another reason to stock up before the winter is over is because UGG prices go up every year (around August) so if your boots aren't in the best shape, now is the best time to replace them and save.
So, check out some of the most popular styles from 2014 season below. You can click on each picture to see where to buy it!

Our last stop on the cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. It was our second time in Mexico, but the first time visiting it from the Atlantic side. We had another fun-packed excursion planned at this port, one I was particularly waiting for. 

After a brief break for a very important post about shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker, I am back to finish telling you about our awesome cruise vacation. I still have two more islands to go! Today I want to share our fun time in Cayman Islands and our visit to the Stingray City. 

This weekend I went to see a new shoe and accessory collection  by Sarah Jessica Parker. The line is exclusive to Nordstrom and was being presented in their pop-up location in Manhattan. It's a trumendous shame that there is no actual Nordstrom in this city, but to compensate for that, they rented a space for three days where Mrs. Parker was presenting the SJP collection herself. 
After about a 45 minute wait, I was finally in front of the door about to go in! Nordstrom provided us with coffee and hot chocolate to keep us warm and make the wait more bearable. The line was full of bloggers and fashion enthusiasts. I met one young lady named Hillary who is an aspiring shoe designer. So while some people were coming out of the store with shopping bags, most were there for research and to meet Mrs. Parker.





Our first stop on the cruise was Jamaica. It was our second time visiting this island, and, to be honest, we weren't exactly looking forward to going back there. We had a horrific experience the first time, where the locals hustled us for money and we barely got back to our ship. A Jamaican entrepreneur named Cool Richard who was in charge of driving us to Dunn's River Waterfalls on our first visit decided to show us "an amazing view" on the way back from our excursion. He took us to  the top of a hill in some village, and then asked for more money to take us back down to port! Once he got us back to the ship, he blocked the doors of his cab and wanted more money yet again - this time to let us out!!! That's how we learned only to book excursions and transfers with reputable companies and avoid dealing with unlicensed locals! 
So on our second trip, we were a bit apprehensive. Nevertheless, we booked a wild river rafting tour which sounded like too much fun to pass up and it turned out to be wonderful!